Wilabaliw – Sunken ID

What better way to kick off August than with a BRAND NEW SINGLE from Wilabaliw!? Check out their awesome new song "Sunken ID" below! As always, don't forget to like and share the video!

"Sunken ID" is their latest single following "Jackstone" which was released back just a few weeks ago back in May. The band has been hard at work putting together and recording new songs right here at Tower of Doom Studios and we can't wait for you to hear all the great new material they've been cooking up!

If you're loving the single and want to rep the Wilabaliw Phoenix, be sure to grab your very own shirt here at the DoomShop before they sell out! Just click the image below!

Wilabaliw has a lot more in store for all of you fans out there, so be sure to like and follow the band's Facebook page here, so you can get the latest updates as they get released!

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