Wilabaliw – Hindi Na Makita (Official Music Video)

Happy Wednesday everyone, and have we got a surprise for you all! Today marks our official release of the Wilabaliw "Hindi Na Makita" video! Check it out below!!!

Wilabaliw has been writing and recording new music ever since they put out their debut album "10 10 10." After spending a few months finalizing the new songs right here in Tower of Doom Studios, they released their first single "Jack Stone," followed by "Sunken ID," and now their latest hit "Hindi Na Makita."  

The band has gone through a number of lineup changes over the years, but their latest incarnation features Ian Tayao (vocals), Louis Isok (guitars), Jesso Montejo (drums), and Keith Francisco (bass). Wilabaliw has a ton of awesome new songs lined up, and we can't wait to share them with you all in the months to come! If you don't want to miss out on the upcoming singles and videos, do yourself a favor and follow the band's official Facebook page here so that you catch each update as they drop!

And if you really wanna show your love for the band, grab your very own HINDI NA MAKITA shirt below! Click on the image and order yours today!


Directed by: Ian Tayao
Executive Producers: Wilabaliw & Tower of Doom, Eric Perlas, Carlo Perlas
Cinematographers: Rustom Hatinggabi III, Jeremy Jay Abaño
Post-Production Director: Boogs San Juan
Editing & Visual Effects: Boogs San Juan
Producer: Jeula Agbayani
Assistant Directors: Jeremy Jay Abaño, Jeula Agbayani
Production Designer: Genie Babista
Wardrobe & Prosthetics: Genie Babista
Makeup: Maria Cristina Agoncillo Posadas
Gaffer: Edgar Allan Arienda
Band Liaison: Tenten Abella
Story by: Ian Tayao

Ian Tayao
Louis Isok
Jesso Montejo
Keith Francisco
Sue Prado
Deda Williet Dela Cruz
Pen Lazarte
Immanuel Soquerata
Jeck Malacañang
Cyris Robles
Strat Ancheta

Recorded at Tower of Doom
Mixed and Mastered by: Kyle Cayton

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