WilaBaliW Releases Insane New Single – “HellaMatta!” Listen Now!

Great news for all you fans out there, WilaBaliW is kicking off October with a BRAND NEW SINGLE!!! The new song titled "HellaMatta" is an awesome showcase of WilaBaliW's unique sound, and we can't wait to share it with you all. So with no further ado, check out their brand new single below!

Around this time last year, we were all treated to WilaBaliW's huge single "Hindi Na Makita" which was then followed up with an epic music video which we dropped a few months later. Since then, the band's been busy touring the single, as well as squeezing in a live performance of it on Tower Sessions. Since then, the band has had a lineup change which saw Keith Francisco take over bass duties, and WilaBaliW has been gearing up for a ton of upcoming releases.

The band started working with Tower of Doom Music last year, and in that time we've released some killer new music from the guys, including their songs "Jack Stone" and "Sunken ID." Today marks the official release of "HellaMatta" not only on YouTube but also all of your favorite music streaming platforms!

We have to bite our tongues to keep from spilling all of the cool stuff we have in store for WilaBaliW in the coming weeks, so instead of talking about it now, you should all hop on over to their official Facebook page, so you can follow them and get the latest news from the band as it comes out.

And if you're loving the new single and its laughing skull design, then you should most definitely swing by the DoomShop, because low and behold, we have the BRAND NEW HellaMatta shirts in the DoomShop! These shirts are hot off the presses, so you should make sure to click the pic below and grab one today while stocks last!

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