Welcome to Tower of Doom 2.0!

Welcome to yet another version of TowerOfDoom.net! We know the last version of the site didn't last too long but we are always trying to grow with our audience and things were starting to get a bit bogged down around here... so, here is a brand new site for you all to play around with!

Feel free and explore:​​​​​

  1. A brand new Artists Wiki page
  2. A brand new Online Store for the DoomShop
  3. A Brand new Tower of Doom Videos page (we're adding playlists of all of our uploaded content to this page so please check it out)
  4. ...actually we just redid the whole damn site!

Let us know what you think and join our ranks... Make an account with us! Please add us up on all the relevant social media and make sure to come by once in a while to keep up-to-date with the latest Tower of Doom news.

We hope you like the site as much as we do! m/

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