Valley of Chrome Releases VOC Viking Bundle

In 2012, everyone's favorite Filipino melodic metal outfit released their all-tagalog hit album, Valley of Chrome, and it has since won the hearts of several thousands of fans and listeners. A quick glance at the Valley of Chrome Facebook fanpage will show just how rapidly their following has grown since the CD's release.

When it was launched all those months ago, the band toured extensively nationwide to support the album with the help of Tower of Doom and several awesome metal acts. Fans and metalheads all over the country got a chance to purchase themselves a ticket to the show and in turn grabbed themselves a copy of the CD.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the tour, we were only able to produce a few thousand copies of the album in a "lean" slipcase packaging that would be easy for the band and our staff to carry along with them on the road.

Though everyone who supported the events all had an awesome metal album to take home with them after the show, there was no inlay or lyric sheet available with the release, and several Vikings contacted us requesting a better physical version of the album, with a proper inlay and album art design.

With this in mind, we have prepared a premium version of the hit, self-titled album, Valley of Chrome, now available in a VOC Viking bundle! Order yourself a copy and you will not only get a full premium edition version of Valley of Chrome, complete with proper album inlay art and lyrics, but we'll also email you a copy of the band's latest offering, the Dark Horse EP while we're at it.

Check out the product page now to place an order!

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