Tower Sessions Presents – Valley Of Chrome – Alay

We here at Tower of Doom couldn't be more excited to share the latest project we've been cooking up: Tower Sessions Presents! This is a brand new type of Tower Session, and to kick off the new format, we invited none other than Valley of Chrome! Check out their insane performance of their latest single "Alay" below!

Tower Sessions Presents is our new take on our Tower Sessions series. For four seasons, we have shot almost everything exclusively within the rooms of Tower of Doom Studios, and we felt it was time for a change. With Tower Sessions Presents, we will be highlighting a few selected artists, and will be taking them to special locations outside of the studio, where we can capture their amazing performances. With more room to play in, you can expect the same Tower Sessions quality, but with more beautiful backdrops, and better shots that we couldn't always achieve within the confines of the studio.

"Alay" is Valley of Chrome's latest single that was first released on Tower of Doom Music earlier this year. The song has been a mainstay of the band's setlist for a few months now, and we're hoping they get to play it later this month when they make history as the first Filipino band to perform live at Indonesia's biggest metal concert - Hammersonic 2018!

If you want to show your love for Valley of Chrome, then you're in luck! We have two brand-spanking-new shirts that we've recently released for the band! First of course is the official Alay shirt, which you can check out below:

Or you can also cop the official Valley of Chrome Storm shirt that was dropped just last week as part of our Storm Series!

And as always, to get the latest, greatest news on Valley of Chrome, hurry on and join their official Facebook fan page here if you haven't already! That way, you'll be among the first to know when their releases drop!

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