Tower Sessions – Parokya Ni Edgar – Wala Lang Yun

Continuing our season finale, we have another great performance from Parokya Ni Edgar for you guys! This week the band played another new single - "Wala Lang Yun" from their album Pogi Years Old. Check it out below!

"Wala Lang Yun" and last week's episode "Friendzone Mo Mukha Mo" are two of the band's latest singles, both of which were released on their latest album Pogi Years Old. We were incredibly proud to have had the chance to work with PNE in recording that album, and you should definitely check it out. Aside from the songs we've featured on this season's finale so far, there are also some instant classics like "Lagi Mong Tatandaan" and "Sing" (which features a collaboration with the one and only Rico Blanco).

Aside from playing shows virtually nonstop, the band has also been putting out some fun projects recently. Just a few months back, they released a collaboration song between vocalist Chito Miranda and the band Gracenote, with their single "Bakit Ganyan Ka?" which you can check out by clicking here! And if you're a diehard PNE fan and want to show your love for the band with the world, swing by their page and see if you can grab one of the remaining official Parokya shirts! Click here to check out their page and find out more!

Continuing the tradition of Tower Sessions finales, we have a number of songs with PNE lined up in the weeks to come, so be sure to check in again next week to see which song Parokya Ni Edgar performs next!

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