Tower Sessions – Parokya Ni Edgar – Lagi Mong Tatandaan

Another week, another badass performance from Parokya Ni Edgar! For part four of the season finale, the band played one of their biggest recent singles - "Lagi Mong Tatandaan." It's an awesome rendition, so don't miss it below!

"​Lagi Mong Tatandaan" was their first big single off their latest album "Pogi Years Old" and the original music video has already racked up millions of views since it was released, so click here to check it out and compare the live sound vs the studio recording!

This is the fourth performance we've released from Parokya Ni Edgar as part of the season finale, and we've got one more classic left to close out the season! We've had a great series of songs from them so far including "Friendzone Mo Mukha Mo," "Wala Lang Yun," and "Ok Lang Ako" all of which were captured right here in Tower of Doom Studios.

For those who have been commenting and asking, Paolo Bernaldo has taken over bass duties for original bassist Buhawi Meneses since he migrated to the USA, and the extra guitar and percs were performed care of long time roadies Luisito Dela Cruz and Joshua Gandia. 

And in case you're one of the last remaining people left in the country who hasn't liked and followed the official PNE Facebook page, just give in and click here. You won't regret it, promise.

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