Signalgiant – The Struggle Official Music Video

Capping off the week right with an awesome music video from the guys of Signalgiant! Check out their Inception-inspired video for their single "The Struggle" below!

Signalgiant is a new band made up of former members of Ephesus, who have since expanded their lineup and evolved their sound into more of an experimental pop-rock direction. Their first single "The Stand" was recorded right here in Tower of Doom Studios, and the band released it on Tower of Doom Music. They also put out a cool music video for "The Stand" which you can check out here.

"The Struggle" is the band's latest single and it has a very special guest vocalist with Armi Millare of UDD lending her vocal talents to the song. The band has spent quite some time putting together this music video, which is an homage to one of their favorite movies - "Inception." Signalgiant worked closely with Seabiscuit Films in bringing the video to fruition, with vocalist Matt Warren co-directing with Seabiscuit's Nick Daez. The video features the full band lineup as well as a guest appearance by Ms. Millare. Unfortunately the band's latest addition - keyboardist Den Planas - joined the band after the video was shot, and so she wasn't able to appear in the storyline.

Signalgiant just launched an epic video launch tour to promote the music video, and you should definitely like and follow their official Facebook fan page here so that you can get the latest news from the band on their upcoming shows and releases. As always, please remember to like and share the video so more people can check out the exciting songs and videos coming from these new artists!

Signalgiant and Seabiscuit Films present THE STRUGGLE

Directed by Nick Daez and Matt Warren
Producer: Christine Argante
Assistant Director: Happy Ferraren
Director of Photography: Joel Pineda
2nd Camera Operator: Jiro Orduna
Production Manager: Roanne Ahuero
Editor: Roel Mendoza
Colorist: Biba Abiera
Production Designer: Kaye Banaag
Art Director: Anjos Rone
Wardrobe: Josef Gacutan
Lights & Grip: Cinejepoy
Stunt Coordinator: Ian Ignacio
Utility: Jun Gallo
Drivers: Lloyd Ruaza
Setman: John Pedraya
HMU for Armi Millare - Rachel Lanto
Interns: Sheila Aligway, Maybelyn Ferreras, Roselian Fernandez, Eiffel Nunez, Claude Ix De Jesus
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Tower of Doom Studios.

Signalgiant - Matt Warren - Bing Monge - Bello Lanto - Maki Aganon
Jay Dizon as the bartender
Armi Millare as The Geisha
Paolo Owyong as The Seer
Paolo Tabuena as Security 1
Martin Hocson as Security 2
Dave Lamar as Bing's subconcious 1
Ned Vida as Bing's subconcious 2
Alvin Sy as Bing's subconcious 3
Jeff Parayao as Bing's subconcious 4
Jeff Yuhengco as Bing's subconcious 5

Shot on Location at Bugsy's Bar & Bistro

Special Thanks:
Felipe and Sons
Bugsy's Bar & Bistro BGC
Sarene Joseph
Rachel Lanto
Diwata Timbol
Crizz Borja
Denice Planas
Franco Malaya

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