Signalgiant Feat. Armi Millare – The Struggle

For our first new release of 2018 under Tower of Doom Music, we are proud to bring you all the second single from the guys at Signalgiant! For this song, they partnered up with UDD's Armi Millare and wrote an epic song titled "The Struggle." Check it out below!

Signalgiant first hopped on Tower of Doom Music with their 2017 debut "The Stand" which they also released an awesome music video for. Word on the street is that the band might be cooking up a special video for this song soon, so stay tuned!

Signalgiant features Bello Lanto, Matt Warren, Denice Planas, Brian Monge, and Maki Aganon, all of whom have been regulars of the local band scene for years. With Signalgiant, the band has been recording their new alternative sound right here at Tower of Doom Studios, and the guys are excited to share their new music with all of you in the months to come! 

In the meantime,  you should definitely check out and follow their official Facebook page so you can get the latest news on their upcoming shows and releases!

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