Roadkill Tour Episode 11 – Valley of Chrome – Simula

Eleventh week in a row and we have another badass episode in tow! We're giving a shoutout to all the vikings out there with another Roadkill Tour Episode, this time featuring the one and only Valley of Chrome as they perform their single "Simula!" Don't miss it!

​This performance was captured live at the Imus Sports Complex during the Roadkill Cavite stop, and will soon be followed by many more performances from a number of the bands who got to play at the show! Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes, which we will be releasing weekly! As always, please don't forget to like and share the videos so even more people can see these great performances!

Valley of Chrome has been insanely busy since they had a new lineup change that saw Kaloi Cambaliza take over guitar duties from Jet Mendoza. In the past year alone, they released a ton of new singles including "Simula," "Markang Bungo," and the "Markang Bungo (Japanese Version)." In addition, we released two awesome music videos for their songs "Maskara" and "Balang Araw!"

Aside from all the singles and videos, Valley of Chrome has also been releasing a bunch of fresh shirt designs, so feel free to click on the shirt below and see what we still have in the store!

For the latest news on Valley of Chrome, and their upcoming singles, gigs, and music videos, be sure to follow their official Facebook fan page if you already haven't so that you can get the latest news as it comes out!

***UPDATE: Check out the whole Evil Genius x Tower of Doom Roadkill concert series playlist on our Tower Of Doom Videos page!

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