Tower of Doom – Epic Hoodie

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Ain’t nothing wrong with looking cool in the cold. Make an unforgettable impression with the EPIC TOD logo hoodie from Tower of Doom! It comes in all-black fabric and features designs on the front and back, plus the sleeve.

The back of the hoodie features the main design: a large, modern rendition of the classic Tower of Doom logo! With spooky and ominous overtones, this logo portrays a solitary tower standing erect, a smaller wing of the tower branching off to one side. The tower has two windows, both of them illuminated by a faint yellow glow. In the background the sky is an off-white color and the edges of the design are heavily faded and distressed.

On the front of the shirt is a small version of the same logo, but this time with a circular border. It is located at the side of the chest. Also, the text “Tower of Doom” is present on the sleeve with another small version of the logo.