8-Year Old Momo DeMonster CRUSHES His Drum Playthroughs of Three Queso Songs! Watch Now!

A few weeks back, our good friend Ocho Toleran (guitarist of Queso) told us about a new drummer they were jamming with - 8-year old Momo DeMonster! Once we got to see how amazing this kid was, we knew we had to find a way to feature his drumming skills for the world to see. So with no further ado, we here at Tower of Doom are extremely excited to present three drum playthroughs from this 8-year old prodigy! Check them out below!

Momo DeMonster Drum Cover (Queso - Tiamat)

Momo DeMonster Drum Cover (Queso - Katchatore)

Momo DeMonster Drum Cover (Queso - Insekta)

Momo (real name Zian Brew Pilapil) originally hails from Cebu and is now based in Olongapo, where he continues to refine his skills. According to his parents, he first found an interest for drumming at five years old, but really started practicing seriously at the age of 6. Now, two years later, he's already becoming an absolute beast, as you can see in the videos above. He first got a wave of internet fame when he performed a playthrough of "Tooth and Claw" by Animals as Leaders at seven years old, and we're hoping these videos help push him to continue his undeniable gift for drumming. 

If you're as blown away by this kid as we are, be sure to swing by his official Facebook page to leave him a comment or message of support! And if these three videos just left you wanting more, do yourself a favor and subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he uploads a ton of drum playthroughs.

Huge thanks go out to Ocho Toleran and of course the awesome Numinous Management for setting all of this up! Keep up the great work Momo! Hope we get to see you in the studio again in the future!

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