LOSTTHREADS Release Brand New Album – Aftermath

We here at Tower of Doom couldn't be prouder to release the sophomore album of LOSTTHREADS! The entire album, titled "Aftermath" has just gone live on the Tower of Doom Music platform, and you can expect it in all of your favorite music stores soon! In the meantime, treat yourself to 7 insane tracks from the band below!

1. Aftermath

2. Weight of the World

3. Hell in God's Eyes

4. Fourth Circle

5. Charlatan

6. On the Other Side

7. Quicksand

LOSTTHREADS first came out with their debut album "Wake Up Your God" which was released independently back in 2013. Since then, the band has been gigging and writing through some lineup changes, and officially jumped back into the studio to begin recording in 2015. The band is now officially signed as part of the Tower of Doom Music family, and have so far released two badass music videos for their first two singles "Weight of the World" and "Hell in God's Eyes." If that still isn't enough LOSTTHREADS goodness for all of you out there, we also have some insane live performance videos of the band, from their appearance on the Roadkill Tour as well as their guesting on Tower Sessions.

For those of you just finding out about the band now, make sure to drop by the official Tower of Doom Music page for LOSTTHREADS so you can learn more about their history and music. And for those who want the latest news from the band, including their upcoming gigs, releases, and merch drops, don't forget to like and follow the band's official Facebook fan page so you can get the latest news straight from the band themselves.

Last but not least, if you dig their music, wear your fandom with pride with some awesome LOSTTHREADS merch below, and stay tuned, as we're cooking up an awesome new shirt for the band that will hit stores soon!

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