LOSTTHREADS Release Music Video for “4th Circle” – Watch Now!

Stretch your necks because you’re going to need it. Metalcore band Lostthreads just released their official music video for “4th Circle,” and it will fulfill your headbang quota for the month. Check it out below!

By now you’ve probably heard about the band’s new album, Aftermath which is streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and just about everywhere else. As if it’s not enough to pummel you to the ground, the band just released a new video for their single, “4th Circle” that magnifies the heaviness of this new record.

Directed by the band members themselves, the music video gives off a DIY feel that goes perfectly with the controlled aggression of the song. The video shows the band performing in a warehouse and the end result is an absolute raw, unadulterated metalcore experience. It gives off that revered underground effect that’s simple, relatable and yet powerful in all the right doses.

The track reaches its fullest head-bang potential with the tenacious, neck-smashing breakdown at the last minute. This song only proves how satisfyingly addicting the band’s brand of metalcore is: it has a groove to it, but it could also break your jaw at the same time.

“4th Circle” is the third single from Aftermath, the band’s new album officially released under Tower of Doom Music. If you haven’t heard of it, do yourself a favor and check out some tracks here. The band has already released music videos for the other singles in the album,  “Weight of the World” and “Hell In God’s Eyes.” Aftermath is the band’s second album after the highly successful independent debut Wake Up Your God.

LOSTTHREADS made waves in the scene after the release of their debut in 2013. After gaining exposure through gigs and some line-up changes, the band went back to the studio in 2015. The band was featured by ToD in an explosive Tower Sessions performance in 2013 for their song, “The March of the Skeptics.”

LOSTTHREADS is currently about to launch a multi-city album tour, with the first date happening this weekend! To hear more from the band about their upcoming shows and releases, follow LOSTTHREADS’ Facebook page for updates. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Tower of Doom Music’s official Facebook and YouTube pages to keep up with releases and performances from LOSTTHREADS and from our roster of bands.

If you’re already a fan of the band, check out the Aftermath shirt exclusively available in the DoomShop.

And if all of that still isn't enough LOSTTHREADS goodness for all of you fans out there, don't forget to swing by and check out their Tower Radio performance we uploaded just last week!

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