HALLOWEEN SURPRISE: New Valley Of Chrome Single – Anino

We got an awesome surprise for you to celebrate our favorite holiday -

A BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO from Valley of Chrome Music!

For this video the band is covering Anino a classic track from Tatel's former band, Rumblebelly! We were also able to get Alvin Baes, the original vocalist, to join in on the song for this badass tribute!

Anino will be coming out next week on the Valley of Chrome Dark Horse EP, which features 7 tracks from the band. The EP drops next Friday, November 7, at the Dark Horse EP Launch at District 2140 (formerly Freedom Bar), so be sure to join us as we release more awesome Filipino metal!

Anino is a cover of a classic song from Filipino death metal legends Rumblebelly. This tribute version of the song features original Rumblebelly vocalist Alvin Baes, and was released on Valley of Chrome's "Dark Horse" EP (Tower of Doom Records).

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