DoomShop: Ho Ho Holy Sh*t Christmas Sale

Merry Christmas from Tower of Doom and the DoomShop!

Just a quick holiday update for all of you who may be checking out the site over the next several days... ALL TOWER OF DOOM SHIRTS AND CDS are going for P100 off the normal price! Awesome!!!

The Ho Ho Holy Sh*t Christmas Sale happens only once a year but it's worth the wait! From now until December 24th, you can grab any Tower of Doom branded shirts or CDs for a straight up P100 discount, and this includes all of these brand new designs:

Yup, we literally just launched these shirts with this post and they're going for P100 off! It's just our way of saying Happy Holidays from Tower of Doom and the DoomShop!

All of our classic Tower of Doom CDs are also up for grabs as well with the same discount, so if any of you have been waiting for a good opportunity to complete that old collection now may be a good time to do it.

Unfortunately, the discount doesn't apply to Valley of Chrome's brand new Dark Horse digital EP for three reasons:

  1. It's technically not a CD.
  2. It's only P150 as it is, for Pete's sake!
  3. The DoomShop is working on a bundle for all you Vikings as you read this...

You can check out our store by clicking here (make sure to sort with the product filter to "Tower of Doom" on the left of the page) and you'll see we've crossed out the prices of all the items that are eligible for the discount. Please note that any orders made on December 23 and 24 will be processed right after Christmas Day, on December 26.

We went ahead and restocked pretty much all of our older designs (including some XXXL sizes for all those extra holiday pounds we all love to collect this time of year) so if you've been eyeing a design that wasn't available before check it out again and see if it was part of the restock.

This will most likely be our last official post for 2014 but make sure to check back soon because there is SO MUCH in store for next year and we can hardly wait! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

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