Delaney Drops Their Debut Music Video! Watch “North” Now!

A few months ago, we were excited to share a brand new artist with you all, and dropped "North" the very first single from a band called Delaney. That song's been stuck in our heads for months at this point, and now we get to release the band's first ever music video with you as well! Check out the official music video for "North" below!

The video was shot and edited by KAP Films (with a little extra editing and grading courtesy of Tower of Doom), and features a few familiar faces you might recognize from Tower Radio and Tanya Markova.  Though you might have to watch closely to catch all of the cameos hehe.

Delaney consists of Arianne Gonzaga on bass, Ken Marayag on guitars, Mak Izon on drums, and Kyle Cayton handling vocal and guitar duties. For those of you who might not know, Kyle Cayton is also one of the sound engineers here at Tower of Doom Studios, and has been hard at work putting together songs and tracking the band during off-hours, so that they could prep their first wave of releases which will be coming to you soon! 

If you're digging "North," be sure to swing by the band's official Facebook page here and give them a like and follow so you can get the latest news on the bands releases as they come out!

Tongue tied every time
Pick up the pieces
I’m taking my chances
I look tired
I catch my breath from all that I’ve been through
It’s hard to get into

So ordinary, secondary
Finding a way to free myself among this crowd
Giving up again
Staying alive but then
I’ll get out of my bed
Put these words inside my head

I said I’m not that kind of man
I really am an ordinary northern man
You see I’m not that type of guy
I’m really shy
You and I let’s touch the sky

Dressed up and I’m all ready to go
Messed up but I’m not letting go
To the other side
From another time
And it’s hard to find
Maybe I’m really unprepared
Unpredictable and scared
Nobody cares

Girl you’re out of line
Should I remind you all the time?
We are not alone
Can we just get along?
Everybody’s asking “How the hell do we get home?”

Don’t look back
‘Cause for sure you don’t want a heart attack
We know we can’t control it
So, step away don’t fight it
All the tears and fears behind it
Can we sit and talk about it now?
Am I being loud?
I’ll get to you somehow

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