Delaney Delivers The Goods With An Acoustic Performance of “North”! Happy Holidays To One & All!

Rejoice! It's a Christmas MIRACLE!!!

We haven't called quits on 2018 just yet... Tower of Doom is proud to present Delaney performing the acoustic version of the debut single, "North"! Check out the video below:

Delaney has been making waves in the local scene since the release of their debut single, "North" and the TOD family is happy to know that we're FINALLY not the only ones who have this song ringing in our heads.

The band has been garnering some major LOVE in the YouTube comments section for weeks now since its release and, well, it looks like it paid off, people! Delaney decided to give everyone a nice, fat Xmas gift in the form of this awesome live performance they produced for all you music lovers out there. ENJOY!

Produced by: DELANEY
DOP: Nikolai Alcomendras
Edited by: Clarence Fajardo

Special Thanks to:
Aaron Crisostomo
Baguio Transient House

Delaney consists of Arianne Gonzaga on bass, Ken Marayag on guitars, Mak Izon on drums, and Kyle Cayton handling vocal and guitar duties. The band has been hard at work putting together some fantastic new material, which will finally be coming to you all soon! Stay tuned...

If you're only learning about Delaney now, be sure to swing by the band's official Facebook page here and FOLLOW them in order to keep with the latest news as the releases come out!

This may very well be our last post for the year, so...

Happy Holidays To All & A Boozey New Year! DON'T DRINK & DRIVE, FOLKS.

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