December Avenue Releases Self-titled Album

Tower of Doom is proud to announce our latest release - December Avenue's full-length self-titled album! The album was launched to an incredibly packed house in Saguijo on February 12, and the band performed all 11 tracks while the audience sang along with their favorite hits.

The album has 11 original songs from the band, including some of their popular singles as well as some unreleased tracks. The full listing is:​

December Avenue Tracklist (Self-Titled Album)

  1. City Lights
  2. Sleep Tonight
  3. Fallin' (feat. Clara Benin)
  4. Ears & Rhymes
  5. I'll Be Watching You
  6. Back To Love
  7. Eroplanong Papel
  8. Dive
  9. Forever
  10. Breathe Again
  11. Time To Go

You can grab the band's album right here at the DoomShop:

...and you can also soon find the copies at your favorite online stores as they are currently being uploaded to Spotify, iTunes, and more via Tower of Doom Music.

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December Avenue is currently slated to go on an album launch tour, and you can find out more information by swinging by the band's Facebook page, where you can get the latest info on their gigs and releases.

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