Chicosci Plays Two Classic Singles on Tower Radio! Watch their Performances Now!

Let's kick off October with some awesome music for all of you Chicosci fans out there! A few weeks ago, the band guested on Tower Radio and played an awesome long set and took requests from the crowd. As a result, Chicosci gave us all a great sampling of their huge discography, ranging from some of their earliest releases to their latest singles. Today we've taken two of their classic singles and uploaded them for your enjoyment!

Tower Radio - Chicosci - Paris

Tower Radio - Chicosci - Sink Or Swim

Chicosci has been busy playing shows all over the country while they continue to drop releases via Tower of Doom Music. Their first single with us  - "Buzzin'" - was dropped late last year to give fans a taste of Chicosci's latest sound, and just recently they also released an awesome single and music video for their song "Revalation!" 

We've got a bunch of other Chicosci songs that are getting ready for release in the months ahead, and we can't wait to share them with all of you fans in the near future! In the meantime, you should most definitely hop on over to their official Facebook fanpage for all of the latest news coming from the band, from releases, to shows, to new merch!

Speaking of new merch, we've got a few awesome Chicosci items left in the DoomShop! Check out three of their latest designs below and click on the pics to grab your shirt today!

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