Welcome to 2015… Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone… Welcome to 2015! We hope you have all kept your fingers safe and intact over the holidays… This year Tower of Doom will be launching several new projects and we can’t wait to let you all in on them so please stay tuned here and to all the usual places for updates! Also, … Read More

Franco Releases Throwback Frank EP

Franco Reyes is back with a brand new CD for all you Suspitsados out there! After a blistering eight weeks in Tower of Doom studios, Franco and his new band has put together a brand new CD for fans from then and now. The Frank EP features six songs from Franco’s earlier days re-recorded and produced by … Read More

Welcome to Tower of Doom 2.0!

Welcome to yet another version of TowerOfDoom.net! We know the last version of the site didn’t last too long but we are always trying to grow with our audience and things were starting to get a bit bogged down around here… so, here is a brand new site for you all to play around with! … Read More