Arcadia Releases New Single – Timebomb

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Hardcore/metal band Arcadia has just dropped a brand new single, "Timebomb." We just put it out on all your favorite online channels, from Spotify to Apple Music, and you can catch the official animated Tower of Doom Music animation below! As always, don't forget to like and share the single so more people can hear this badass song!

Arcadia is a hardcore/metal band from Manila, Philippines. Their first beginnings were in 2007 under the name Fallen Oppression, but in 2008 they took on their current name Arcadia and signed to Tower of Doom Records. In 2011 their debut album "Parallels" was released.

More recently they have been busy with extensive performing as well as releasing a steady stream of new music. Timebomb is Arcadia's third new single to drop this year! The other singles for 2018 so far have been "Threshold," released on March 13th, and "Lockdown", released on April 4th.

Aracadia's current lineup includes founding members Ariel Lumanlan (guitar) and Ian de Guzman (drums) along with Enrie Estevez (vocals), Rommel Enriquez (guitar), and Keith Francisco (bass).

This new song features a guest appearance from Marben Romero of Badburn. The song is reportedly written about global warming, hence the name "Timebomb."

Also accompanying this new release is a t-shirt available from Tower of Doom. The shirt, titled "Walking on Dead Shores" is named after the song's lyrics, and you can grab yours now! Just click the link below and place your order to help support the band today!

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