Arcadia’s “Timebomb” Just Landed with an Intense Music Video! Watch Now!

Holy shit! Arcadia just dropped their official music video for their single "Timebomb" and it's insane! Check out their awesome video below while it's still hot!

Arcadia has been on a streak recently, releasing single after single from their upcoming album that features a brand new lineup that sees founding members Ariel Lumanlan and Ian De Guzman joined by Keith Francisco on bass, Rommel Enriquez on guitars, and Enri Estevez on vocal duties. They gave fans a taste of their new sound when they debuted "Threshold" on the Roadkill Tour series and later as a single, then shared a new song when they played "Lockdown" on Tower Sessions, and now they've tapped Badburn vocalist Marben Romero for their latest single "Timebomb."

"Timebomb" is a great window into the band's thoughts on the huge toll that humanity is taking on the planet. As the video's opening quote from Rupert Estanislao states:

"We light the fuse with every cigarette. We light the fuse when we start the car. We pour gasoline on the fire when we slice our meat... How can we defuse the world when its explosion lights up the road ahead? How can we defuse the world when we profit from its destruction? How can we defuse the world when all we do is pray for Armageddon... We live on a bomb of our own making. The price of progress is a future forsaken."

Arcadia is now gearing up for a series of shows and further releases in the months to come, so you should definitely swing by and follow their Facebook page now so you can be the first to hear news from the band as it comes out.

In the meantime, if you're digging this latest single and love the message of the song, swing by the DoomShop and grab your very own "Walking on Dead Shores" shirt now! The shirt was designed based on the song's lyrics and serves as a solid reminder of the bomb of our own making.

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