Arcadia Drops Brand New Single – “Live By Your Words” – Listen Now!

It's been an insane year for Arcadia fans, as the band keeps dropping single after single! Following last month's music video for "Timebomb" the guys of Arcadia are now getting ready to blow minds with their new single "Live By Your Words." This track is crazy good, so click below and check it out now!

After a long hiatus that saw multiple lineup changes, Arcadia spent the better part of the last two years writing and recording brand new music that fans have been asking for ever since their first album "Parallels" dropped years ago. And for the past year, all that time away has been paying off big-time. Arcadia kicked the year off with the official release of their single "Threshold" followed by a Tower Sessions debut of another new song "Lockdown." Not content with just releasing two new songs, the band then proceeded to drop the single and music video for another new track - "Timebomb" - which featured guest vocals from none other than legendary vocalist Marben Romero of Badburn. Now, just one month later, they're coming out strong with "Live By Your Words" which will also be streaming on all your favorite music platforms soon. 

If all of that incredible music still isn't enough for you, swing by and follow Arcadia's official Facebook page here. That way you can do yourself a favor and catch them live so you can see their awesome performances first-hand. And if you wanna help support and show your love for the band, click below and grab a copy of the official "Timebomb" shirt while stocks last!

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