Wilabaliw – Jack Stone (Official Music Video)

Great news for all you Wilabaliw fans out there! The band just released their brand new single and music video for their song "Jack Stone" and it's up on the Tower of Doom YouTube channel now! Check it out below!

​The band actually wrote this song some time back, but recently released it after spending some time tinkering with the mix at Kweba Studio, where vocalist Ian Tayao and Junni Deveais handled the mix and master as well as most of the recording. The video was also handled in-house, created by Ian and his editor Jeremy Abaño. The band actually has an awesome behind-the-scenes video documenting the process and the fun they had in putting the song and video together, and you should definitely check it out by clicking here!

Wilabaliw is currently recording BRAND NEW MATERIAL right here in Tower of Doom Studios! We got to listen to the new songs as they've been recording, and we can't wait to show all of you Wilabaliw fans what they have in store! Be sure to follow Wilabaliw on their Facebook page here, as well as our official Tower of Doom Facebook page so you can get the latest news as the material gets released!

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