Wilabaliw – Hindi Na Makita

Happy All Saints Day everyone! We've got a special treat for all of you today - the FIRST EVER Wilabaliw song written in Tagalog! With no further ado, check out Wilabaliw's latest single "Hindi Na Makita" below!

All of us here at Tower of Doom are really proud to be bringing you these latest songs from the guys at Wilabaliw, and we can't wait for you all to hear their newest material! The latest lineup features original members Ian Tayao and Louis Isok on vocals and guitars respectively, and has Nino Avenido and Jesso Montejo taking over bass and drums. The band has spent the last few years writing and recording music both in Ian's home studio and in Tower of Doom, and the music is better than ever.

Be sure to follow Wilabaliw's official Facebook fan page so that you get the latest news on their gigs, singles, and merch releases as they come out. Speaking of merch, stay tuned for the official "Hindi Na Makita" song, coming to the DoomShop and SNDKTO soon!

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