Valley of Chrome – Maskara

We here at Tower of Doom are very proud to release "Maskara" - the brand new Valley of Chrome single! To launch the song, we are releasing a BRAND NEW music video which you can check out below!

For those who want to stream or download the song, you can expect Maskara to hit Spotify and iTunes and other online music services within the next two weeks! And in case a brand new single and video weren't enough, we also just launched a BRAND NEW shirt on the DoomShop! Click the image below to order your very own Maskara shirt while stocks last!

Valley of Chrome has been hard at work putting together some amazing new songs, the first of which, "Markang Bungo," was launched last year with both Tagalog and Japanese versions! We here at Tower of Doom have been hard at work with the band to make sure we have a ton of great content lined up for all of you Vikings out there, so follow us on the official Tower of Doom and Valley of Chrome Facebook pages to get the latest news as it comes out!

As one last bonus for the fans out there who want to sing along, we've included both the Tagalog lyrics and English translations below. As always, don't forget to subscribe and share the video, and we'll keep you guys posted for all the latest Valley of Chrome releases soon!



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