Typecast Campfire Sessions – Episode 1 – For Your Sake

We here at Tower of Doom are proud to present episode 1 of the Typecast Campfire Sessions. Earlier this year on April 16, 2016, we went up to Sagada to shoot and record the band as they performed a great acoustic set in the Mountain Province in front of a packed crowd that had traveled to hang out and watch the band perform.

For episode 1, we are presenting the band as they perform "For Your Sake" from their "Word Sits Heavy" album. Check it out through the link below!

We have more episodes from that epic night to come in the weeks ahead so be sure to stay tuned for new performances soon! In the meantime, you can also drop by the Typecast or Green Turismo pages to get more details on when they'll be launching the next Campfire Sessions event, so that you can join the next trip out!

As always, please make sure to like ​and share the video, and subscribe to the channel for the latest videos as they come out!

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