Tower Sessions – Tanya Markova – High End

We're keeping the Tower Sessions going strong for the third week in a row with none other than Tanya Markova! For this episode, the band performed their latest single "High End" and this is definitely one you shouldn't miss!

Tanya Markova first burst onto the scene many years ago with their classic single "Picture Picture" and have put out two full-length albums to date. "High End" was first released on their sophomore album "Mister Tililing" and the band dropped the official music video just a few months ago! Since then, Tanya has hopped into the studio here at Tower of Doom, and the band is working on some brand new music for all of you fans out there!

Be sure to follow Tanya Markova's official Facebook page to learn more about the band, their shows, and their upcoming releases.

Tower Sessions has been the country's premiere live music performance show for years, and we can't wait to get back to sharing these amazing performances with you all!

Season 3 wrapped up almost 3 years ago, and in that time, the studio has been hard at work putting out off-season episodes, the new Tower Unplugged series, and dozens of videos of live shows including the Typecast Campfire Sessions and of course the Evil Genius Roadkill Tour.

At the same time, we were capturing a ton of new performances from many of the country's most established bands as well as up-and-coming new artists for you all to enjoy. 

We hope you are all just as excited for the return of Tower Sessions as we are! Please LIKE and SHARE this page and don't forget to hit the subscribe button below... ENJOY!

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