Tower Sessions – CHNDTR – Martyr

With Holy Week right around the corner, we wanted to launch a very special episode of Tower Sessions featuring CHNDTR! The band performed their single "Martyr" for us, and it's an exciting look at this new band and the music they have in store! Check it out below!

CHNDTR is the band name based on vocalist Chin-Chin Detera, and they've been touring the gig circuit for the past two years or so, getting their music out and earning new fans at each show. The band features Chin on vocals, Eric JP on guitar, Sean de Leon on bass, and Benjo Criste on drums. 

The band was originally founded by Chin and Eric, with Sean and Benjo joining recently to complete the lineup. Since then, they've put out a number of music videos, including the one for their latest single "Maw!" which was put up on the official CHNDTR YouTube channel just a few months ago. The band is currently promoting their debut album "Habang Umuulan" as well as a few shirts they put out, so you should definitely swing by their official Facebook page to show the band some love!

Keep tuning in every week for more new Tower Sessions episodes! We've got new bands that we'll be putting out for the next month or two, so be sure to follow the official Tower Sessions page so you can check out the latest episodes, and get to comment "FIRST!" like a true internet boss!

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