Welcome to Tower of Doom Music

Tower of Doom is proud to officially announce a project we've been cooking up for some time now: Tower of Doom Music!

Tower of Doom Music is a new service that we've been working on that's dedicated to releasing much of the great music we record here at Tower of Doom Studios. Here's how it works:

1. We are officially launching a brand new YouTube channel called Tower of Doom Music. It contains dozens of songs and videos Tower of Doom has produced and released over the past decade. We will also be using this as one of our main channels for releasing new singles so check out the channel and be sure to subscribe!

Here are some upcoming releases that you can look forward to through Tower of Doom Music:

  • Unreleased music from Valley of Chrome
  • Unreleased music from April Morning Skies
  • Unreleased music from Bloodshedd
  • Unreleased music from COG
  • Unreleased music from Arcadia
  • Unreleased music from Embercore
  • Unreleased music from Lostthreads
  • Unreleased music from Yosha
  • ...and much, much more!

Subscribe to Tower of Doom Music

2. Our initiative with Tower of Doom Music revolves around making great music available to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we partnered up with several digital music services to make these songs available to fans worldwide. This includes Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store, and more. So you can expect all your favorite TOD albums online and easy to stream or download within the next few weeks!

3. We are also publishing the Tower of Doom Wiki! Over the past year, we've produced thousands of words documenting bands in the local music scene. Right now we've started with our signed artists and some of the musicians we've featured on Tower Sessions, but we are working on expanding the coverage so please do check it out and learn about our wonderfully diverse and ever-growing Filipino music scene.

4. Of course, the local music scene is much bigger than what we currently have lined up, and we want to work to include every serious musician that we can! If you create your own music and would like to put your music or info up on Tower of Doom Music, contact us today so we can help you get your music out!

Everyone here at Tower of Doom is really excited for these new developments and we have tons more in store for you all, so stay tuned and expect some awesome surprises soon!

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