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The Out of Body Special, or OBS, is a band whose music is based on funk and hip-hop, with liberal influences from jazz, rock, and metal. The band can be seen as a superband of sorts, with certain members being from other famous bands

Album and Songlist

Is Love (2007)

The Out of Body Special - Is Love

1. Soundcheck

2. What Everybody Said

3. Sixty Seconds After She

4. Give It

5. Badlands

6. When You’re Around

7. Sexy Beast

8. Mga Awit Ng Kahapon

9. Hot Tub

10. Where My Emcees At

11. Kamakailan Lang

12. Got Me

Non-Album Singles




Seal The Deal


History of the out of the body special

The band was formed in 2004 by Los, Nino, Pat, Diego, and Tedmark, basically as a reaction to all the rock-based bands and the local scene. Garon and Inky would join later in the band's lifetime.

Sadly, by the time they were in the Tower of Doom Studios recording Is Love, keyboardist Quincy Gonzales would exit the band, paving the way for Inky to eventually replace him.

With the release of Is Love in 2007, the band gained considerable attention from the local music scene, thanks to their aggressive, free-flowing musical style during live performances. This attention culminated in a 2008 article in Time magazine, where they were named one of the years' five top Asian acts to watch out for.

It should be noted that many of the album singles were already very well-known in the gig circuit before the album even came out, such that many songs like Soundcheck became famous once as a live performance gem, and then again due to being exposed to the mass market and through music video airplay.

The band also had its share of notable tours and performances, from the joining in both of the Tower of Doom's Siege tours, to going to Singapore for the Singapore Scape. They have also performed as the house band for an inter-island cruise ship, an unusual move for a local band.

Music Band Story

Winding down

Work schedules, personal issues, and commitement to other musical groups made scheduling gigs difficult, such that the band developed into a more loose membership configuration, where as long as the basic configuration for performing as a band was met, they would continue with the gig.

Even though they would release two non-album singles, Delikado (the video of which was produced with a grant from BigTop Music Productions), and Seal the Deal (for the Tower Sessions), the band slowly wound down their activities.

The band held an official disbanding event, Salida, on November 29, 2013. The various band members have since either focused on their families and work lives, or have gone on to play in other bands.


Music of The Out of Body Special

The Out of Body Special's music can be defined as based on fun and hip-hop. However, thanks to the influences and other bands of each member, it's no surprise that jazz, rock, and metal inform the band's sound. It can be argued that the band's loose arrangements but tight timing during live performances qualifies them as a jam band.

Band Members

Band Members

The Out of Body Special had a loose membership arrangement, where people would go in and out of active status. Members will be divided into the starting lineup, and then followed by the expanded regular lineup, and then finally by starting members who left the band with finality.

Los Magno - Vocals

Los Magno was already a known figure in the hip-hop scene before becoming the frontman for the Out of Body Special. He is known for contributing voal and rap tracks for many of his friend's bands and solo projects (e.g., Lil Miao's Katipunera EP).

Patrick Co - Guitars

Patrick Co was also the rhythm guitarist for Taggu nDios, filmmaker John Torres' altnerative rock/pop band.

Nino Avenido - Bass

Nino Avenido is best known for being the bass guitarist for seminal local rap/rock/metal band, Greyhoundz. He has recent and ongoing musical projects like BatCat and Wilabaliw, aside Greyhoundz itself.

Diego Beltran - Percussion / Keyboards / Bass / Guitars

Diego Beltran has had many musical hats in OBS, and is currently a member of Plane Divides the Sky and The Royal.

TedMark Cruz - Drums

TedMark is another musician in the band with many musical projects, but presently, he is known as the drummer T-Mac of Sponge Cola.

Expanded Lineup

Enrique De Dios - Keyboards / Percussion

Enrique Inky de Dios has been around in the music scene for some time, as he has been a member of or supported bands like Indio I, P.O.T., and Brownman Revival. To date, he is active with Brigada and Kjwan, aside from his solo career.

Garon Honasan - Alto Saxophone

Garon currently plays for metal band Cog.

Martin Veerayah - Guitars

Martin Veerayah's free-flowing funk guitar style was a hallmark of the OBS sound.

Former members

Quincy Gonzales - Keyboards / Vocals

The only member to exit from the band permanently, his vocals are most present in Got Me, as the ending vocal arrangement. He is also credited with the creation of the band's logo.fa

Music Videos and Other Media

Tower Sessions

Seal The Deal

Official Music Videos

Is Love


Give It

Sexy Beast

Kamakailan Lang

Non-Album Singles



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