Roadkill Tour Episode 14 – Skychurch – Victim

As if last week's Skychurch episode wasn't insane enough, we've got another killer performance lined up for you all! This time around, the band plays their song "Victim" and crushes it! Check it out below!

This performance was captured live at the Imus Sports Complex during the Roadkill Cavite stop, and will soon be followed by many more performances from a number of the bands who got to play at the show! Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes, which we will be releasing weekly! As always, please don't forget to like and share the videos so even more people can see these great performances!

The band has been keeping busy with gigs and has posted a few pictures of their recording sessions at Point Bee Studios for the past year or so, keeping all of us fans excited to hear some new material with the latest lineup!

For fans of Skychurch who want to hear some of their older material though, swing by the DoomShop and check out the Skychurch x Loads of Motherhood CD we put out a few years ago! It's a split album with songs from both Skychurch and Loads of Motherhood that's just packed to the brim with awesomeness. Grab yours now!

For the latest news on Skychurch, their upcoming gigs, and releases, don't forget to like and follow their official fan page here so that you can get the latest news as it comes out!

***UPDATE: Check out the whole Evil Genius x Tower of Doom Roadkill concert series playlist on our Tower Of Doom Videos page!

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