We here at Tower of Doom are extremely excited to bring you the first of many episodes for the EVIL GENIUS x TOWER OF DOOM ROADKILL SERIES! For our first episode, we are opening up with an awesome performance from the guys at LOSTTHREADS, who performed their single "Coexist"

Check it out below!

​This performance was captured live at the Imus Sports Complex during the Roadkill Cavite stop, and will soon be followed by many more performances from a number of the bands who got to play at the show! Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes, which we will be releasing weekly!

Lostthreads is currently back in the studio, writing a number of new songs that they plan on releasing very soon. For more info, check out their Facebook page to get the latest news on releases and upcoming gigs!​

This episode was brought to you by Tower of Doom, Evil Genius Clothing Co., the DoomShop, and SNDKTO.​

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  • 11 months ago