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Tower Radio Anniversary Shirt


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Every day is a cause for celebration with this Official Tower Radio Event t-shirt from Tower of Doom! It was released on the one-year anniversary of the Tower Radio series and features designs on both the front and the back.

On the front the design centers around the image of a skeletal hand drawn in shades of metallic silver. The index finger of the hand is extended straight up and is bursting into flame at the tip. This finger outlines the “I” in the text “Tower Radio” which is overlaid on the image. Also contained in this text is the iconic Tower of Doom logo drawn inside the “O” of “Radio.”

At the bottom of the design on the front is a banner that reads “First Year Anniversary.” In the background is a radio tower sending out broadcasts.

On the back of the t-shirt is a series of text outlining the details of Tower Radio’s first year anniversary. The two dates are listed, October 21 and 28, 2017, along with the names of the artists that performed and the two SOLD OUT venues, ZILI and saGuijo.

This t-shirt is made in all-black fabric and the two designs both cover most of the upper torso.