Mr. Bones And The Boneyard Circus – Take Me Down (Official Music Video)

We hope you're all ready to get your minds blown, cause Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus finally dropped their insane official music video for their single "Take Me Down!" Check it out below, and don't forget to share it!

A few months ago we were able to release the single via the Tower of Doom Music platform, and since then, the band has been closely working with Director Pedring Lopez and the team at BlackOps Studios Asia to create a badass music video the likes of which haven't been produced here in the Philippines.

As vocalist Bones Frankenstein put it: "This video really captures the essence of the Boneyard Circus. This is the vision I had nine years ago when our band started, and Pedring captured it perfectly.” 

Make sure to re-watch the video and see if you can count all of the original characters they created for the story​, which were all brought to life for the final edit. To celebrate the video, the band also created a killer t-shirt design that features all of their characters, and you can grab your own copy today! Just click the link below!

Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus has been hard at work putting together new songs and extra goodies for you all to enjoy, so make sure to follow their official Facebook page here so you can get the latest news as it comes out!


​Directed by: Pedring A. Lopez
Executive Producers: BlackOps Studios Asia, Malena Lugosi Entertainment
Producers: Maia Yambao-Lopez, Bones Frankenstein, Alvin Chan, Pedring Lopez
Associate Producers: Ava Yap
Director of Photography: Pao Orendain, FCS
Assistant Director: Majo Alejo Nagal
Production Manager: Ivy Santoyo
Creative Director (Psyops8): Rex Lopez
Art Director (Psyops8): Jorgia Romero
Production Design: Armi Kushella Sanson
Post & Visual Effects: The Division by BlackOps Studios Asia
Line Production: BlackOps Studios Asia
Art Direction: Psyops8

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