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LostThreads are a Metalcore band from Manila. LostThreads are best known for their debut album Wake Up Your God, which they released independently.

LostThreads Album and Songlist

Wake Up Your God (2013)

2003 album

1. Introduction (Rebirth)

2. The Diviner

3. Coexist

4. 70x7

5. Shapeshifter

6. Interlude

7. Unseen

8. Convalescence

9. We Are All Transient

10. The March of the Skeptics

11. Awakening


LostThreads formed in 2004 but the band wasn’t active until 2007, when they began performing in earnest. The band’s lineup has remained intact since their inception, with most of the songwriting shared between guitarist Paul Layacan and vocalist Clarence Fajardo.

lost treads history

LostThreads performance ethic, writing, and composition would be honed across several years of shows in and around Metro Manila. In 2012 the band began laying down tracks for their debut album. Later that year a music video for the song “The Diviner” was released on music streaming sites, including Youtube. “The Diviner” would be the opening track for their upcoming debut album.

Most of the songs on Wake Up Your God were recorded in Campsite Recordings with the help of Emil Dela Rosa. Drum tracks were recorded in Tower of Doom studios by Macoy Manuel, a sound engineer and drummer for the band Sin.

Wake Up Your God was released on August 24, 2013. But an official album launch wasn’t held until June 25, 2014, when LostThreads headlined an evening at PAP, a music venue and bar in Quezon City.

To promote their album, a 38-second video trailer was released on video streaming sites, including Youtube. In lieu of a full music video, LostThreads performed the single “March of the Skeptics” on camera for Tower of Doom’s Tower Sessions series in late 2013. A video clip was also released for their song “70x7.”

In the years following the release of Wake Up Your God LostThreads maintained a consistent gig schedule and often performed alongside their friends from bands like Embercore, Imbuenokudos, Curbside, Faintlight, and April Morning Skies.

On separate occasions in 2014 and 2015 LostThreads performed on the same bill as Slapshock. During a show with Slapshock in Bertud Bar, a venue in Cavite, vocalist Fajardo and vocalist Tata Aguiero of Embercore joined the headliners onstage for a special rendition of the hit single “Cariño Brutal.”

By 2015 the band started writing and recording material for their sophomore album, and has since released "Weight of the World," their first single from the new material.


music of lost threads

LostThreads are identifiable as a Metalcore band given their complex melodies, rapid fire tempos, and harsh vocal delivery.

In terms of musical style, members of LostThreads trace their tutelage to the Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and Death Metal bands they listened to in their formative years.

LostThreads’ sound, however, is more closely related to the original American Metalcore scene from the 2000s. Fans of All That Remains, Unearth, Underoath, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, and Killswitch Engage will find themselves sin familiar territory when listening to LostThreads.

While LostThreads songs are often super-charged and energetic, touches of subtlety and melodiousness hint at a preference for progressive experimentation.

Band Members

band members of lost threads

Clarence Fajardo

Vocals, guitars

Paul Layacan

Guitars and Vocals

Derrick Parreño


Ivan Trabado


Jay Alvarez


Music Video and Other Media

Tower Sessions

The March of the Skeptics

Official Music Videos​

Wake Up Your God

The Diviner

Weight Of The World










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