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Kamikazee is a Philippine band whose music is a mix of pop, punk, rock, and metal. Their songs and musical style have comedic and satirical elements, and usually include pop and cultural references. Formed in 2000, they are now one of the longest-lived active bands in the Philippines, noted for keeping the original line-up and style of the band.The band is famous for outrageous live performances that include liberal swearing, sex jokes, and ersatz semi-acrobatic stripper routines from lead singer Jay Contreras. Their live antics, however spirited, do not affect the actual musical performances, making them a popular live act.


The band members first got together in 2000 as classmates who wanted to be in a band in the UP College of Fine Arts. They were influenced by local bands such as Parokya ni Edgar (with whom they would be identified with as a brother band), Queso, and the Eraserheads. Known in the beginning as Kamikazee Cornflakes, their roots as a comedy band were already in place, as there are stories that they would sign up for their early gigs as a boy band, particularly during on-campus events.

Their first notable songs were the following: Tsinelas, an original song that was practically a song-skit about losing one’s slippers, Lucky, originally a Britney Spears song, and Sana Kahit Minsan, from Ariel Rivera.After regularly playing in all sorts of places (such as Oro Café in UP Diliman), they eventually signed a major record deal, and came out with their first album, Kamikazee, in 2002. This album included the aforementioned Lucky and Sana Kahit Minsan covers.

The year 2005 saw the release of Chiksilog, one of their more famous songs, on the Rok On compilation album. The song would later become a single in their 2006 album offering, Maharot. Kamikazee’s Maharot would bring them their first true killer single, Narda. It became the band’s signature song, and would later be used in the actual Darna TV series in GMA 7. After a few years of hectic touring and recording schedules, the band released Long Time Noisy, their third album. Recorded at the Tower of Doom, the album had a hit in Unang Tikim, which was also used in a 2011 RC Cola commercial ad.

Their latest album, Romantico, was officially released in 2012, although there was a half-album teaser EP released in 2011. The full album features the singles Halik, Tagpuan, Huling Sayaw, and Wo-Oh. Local R&B artist Kyla collaborated with the band for Huling Sayaw.

Aside from frequent tours and appearances, they are currently in recording at the Tower of Doom Studios during breaks in their touring schedule for their fifth album.


The band’s musical influences are varied, but the result is a rock-based musical style. Their original songs are a successful mix of pop songwriting, punk-derived live performance sensibilities, and rock arrangements. Their guitar sound and some of their more aggressive riffs can also qualify as influenced by heavy rock and metal music. Their propensity to use comedy fillers in between songs comes from a tradition that has its recent precursors in the Eraserheads and Parokya ni Edgar recordings.

Further Information / Trivia

The Parokya Connection

The band’s connection with Parokya ni Edgar goes back to the early days of Kamikazee. This relationship would be fruitful on many fronts, from helping the band get more performances, to receiving advice in other facets of the band’s concerns.

Chito, Jay, and some of the other band members from both bands occasionally guest in each other’s recordings, and the various members are known to join in the other band’s live performances, if they are in the same event.

Uchusentai Noiz

In an unusual reversal, visual kei band Uchusentai Noiz covered Narda. The Japanese band then went on to perform in Davao and Manila. The band performed with the Uchusentai Noiz during the Manila appearance.

Kamikazee Album and Songlist Discography

Kamikazee releases albums at the rate of one every three years on average, with the exception of Maharot, released four years after their self-titled debut album. The album currently being recorded in the Tower of Doom currently follows the pattern, with a targeted 2015 release date.

Kamikazee (2002)

1. Ung Tagalog

2. Lucky (Britney Spears cover)

3. Tsinelas

4. Mmm Sarap

5. Girl Friend

6. Rocky Jr.

7. Ikaw Parin Pala

8. Sana Kahit Minsan (Ariel Rivera cover)

9. Ert

10. Turon

11. Aw

Maharot (2006)

1. Director's Cut

2. Seksi! Seksi!

3. Martyr Nyebera + SpongeJoseph SquarePants

4. Narda

5. Chiksilog

6. Sobrang Init

7. A.I.D.S.

8. Shoot Dat Bol

9. Ambisyoso

10. Diskoskwela + Is This A Showdown

11. Petix

12. My Tender Bear

13. Apir Day

14. K.K.K. + Pepeng Maghapon

15. Narda [Acoustic]

Long Time Noisy (2009)

1. Ikaw

2. Hanggang Tingin

3. Eschoos Me

4. 4:20

5. Meron Akong Ano

6. Balutin Mo Ako

7. Wala

8. Lalandiin

9. Unang Tikim

10. Alay

11. Hot Mami

12. I Love You Ninang

13. Dragon Spa Super Head Charger Volume 4

14. Caintaenyo

15. M.M.K.

16. Chismosa

17. Teyk Awts

18. Huli Ka Balbon

19. Me Na Me

20. Isplakitengtenks

Romantico (2012)

Promotional CD    

1. Sana  

2. Halik  3. Kislap  

4. Tagpuan  

5. T.N.T.  

6. Teka Teka  

7. Sobrang Lungkot  

8. Paano

Main Release

1. Halik  

2. T.N.T.  

3. Tamis (featuring Choko Abejo of Concrete Sam)

4. Tagpuan  

5. Sana  

6. Sobrang Lungkot  

7. Kislap  

8. Wo-Oh  

9. If You're Not Here (Featuring Chris Padilla of Hilera and Steve Badiola of Typecast)

10. Paano  

11. Huling Sayaw (Featuring Kyla)

12. Halik (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

13. Tagpuan (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

14. Huling Sayaw (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

Romantico (2012)

Promotional CD    

1. Sana  

2. Halik  3. Kislap  

4. Tagpuan  

5. T.N.T.  

6. Teka Teka  

7. Sobrang Lungkot  

8. Paano

Main Release

1. Halik  

2. T.N.T.  

3. Tamis (featuring Choko Abejo of Concrete Sam)

4. Tagpuan  

5. Sana  

6. Sobrang Lungkot  

7. Kislap  

8. Wo-Oh  

9. If You're Not Here (Featuring Chris Padilla of Hilera and Steve Badiola of Typecast)

10. Paano  

11. Huling Sayaw (Featuring Kyla)

12. Halik (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

13. Tagpuan (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

14. Huling Sayaw (Acoustic Version) (hidden track)

Other Releases / Compilation Albums:

Supersize Rock (2004)
Rok On (2005)
Pinoy Ako 2 (2005)
Kami nApo Muna (2006)
The Biggest OPM Hits of the Year SUPER (2006)
Palabas: The Best of OPM TV & Movie Themes (2006)
Kami nAPO Muna Ulit (2007)
Another Biggest OPM Hits Of the Year SUPER 2 (2007)
Astig...The Biggest Band Hits (2008)

****Kamikazee appears in many compilation albums, and these appearances usually make up for the long times in between their album releases, ensuring that they remain in the public eye. The most number of compilation appearances happened during 2006, in conjunction with their release of Maharot. Some of their bigger hits have been included in some of these compilation albums, such as Narda and Doo Bidoo.

Band Members

Current Lineup

Ferdinand Jay Contreras – Lead Vocals
Jose Ma. Luis Jomal Linao – Guitar, Vocals
Led Zeppelin Tuyay – Guitar, Vocals
Jason Puto Astete – Bass
Allan Bords Burdeos – Drums

Kamikazee is one of the few bands in the Philippines that has kept the original line-up since their formation. 

Ferdinand Jay Contreras – Lead Vocals, onstage sideshow

Jay Contreras’ wife is Sarah Abad-Contreras, the sister of Kaye Abad. Kaye Abad is a former girlfriend of Chito Miranda. Jay Contreras’ marriage to Sarah became official at the Paco Church, on February 12, 2009. Contrary to his wild onstage persona, Jay Contreras is not as wild in person, and in fact was in ECE and Architecture, before finally settling in Fine Arts – where the band started.

Jose Ma. Luis Jomal Linao – Guitar, Vocals

Jomal Linao has another band, Talata. Jomal Linao’s wife, Reyg Linao, is the lead vocalist, with cousin JR also on guitar duties. They have been featured in the Tower sessions, performing their song Fed Up. The band’s musical style is more straight-up rock and roll. The couple also manages a restaurant, Zili Nasi Goreng, in Cainta.

Led Zeppelin Tuyay – Guitar, Vocals

He is the remaining unmarried member of the band, as of this writing.

Jason Puto Astete – Bass

Aside from taking an interest in FiftyFive Tinta Pilipinas Tattoo Shop, Puto is also married to wife Lianne.

Allan Bords Burdeos – Drums

Kamikazee drummer Bords has provided ink work for the comic book Mang Jose, by Parokya ni Edgar guitarist Gabriel Chee Kee. He has a wife, Carina.

Substitute Members

Due to scheduling, health, and travel concerns, there have been times when the band has used substitutes. Ariel Lumanlan of Chicosci, for example, has subbed for Led Tuyay in some performances.

Awards and Recognition

Awit Awards 2003

Winner Best Alternative Recording “Ung Tagalog”

MTV Pilipinas 2003

Winner Best Music Video “Lucky”

NU107 Rock Awards 2003

Winner Listener’s Choice

Winner Drummer of the Year, Allan Burdeos

NU107 Rock Awards 2005

Winner Best Live Act

NU107 Rock Awards 2006

Winner Artist of the Year

Winner Song of the Year “Narda”

Winner Best Live Act

Winner Listener’s Choice

Awit Awards 2007

Winner Album of the Year, Maharot

Winner Song of the Year “Narda”

Winner Best Rock Song “Narda”

Winner Best Performance by a Group Artist “Narda”

Winner Music Video of the Year “Martyr Nyebera”

Myx Music Awards 2007

Winner Favorite Ringtone “Narda”

Myx Music Awards 2012

Winner Favorite Rock Video – Halik

PMPC Star Awards 2012

Winner Rock Album of the Year – Romantico

Myx Music Awards 2013

Winner Favorite Rock Video - Huling Sayaw feat. Kyla

Kamikazee Music Videos and Other Media

Kamikazee has an extensive and growing library of official music videos, with all of their official singles having at least one official music video. In some cases, like Huling Sayaw from the Kamikazee Romantico album, two official videos exist, with one other video produced by the Tower of Doom. In fact, among their singles, only Tsinelas and Sana Kahit Minsan have no official music videos.

Music videos have played a large part in Kamikazee’s marketing, particularly during the era when Myx and MTV were still the go-to music video references for the mass market. Songs like Kamikazee’s Narda became video mainstays, aside from being in heavy radio airplay rotation.

Kamikazee has had a prolific video history in the Tower Sessions, where they have successfully translated to a live studio setting their spirited live shows, complete with vulgarity, acrobatics, and stand-up comedy spiels. Tower of Doom has also helped them produce some music videos that are the live-studio counterpart to their official narrative music videos.

Live Performance Videos (Playlist)

Official Music Videos (Playlist)

Official Lyric Videos & Other Content (Playlist)





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1yj2UxyJCA – for the unreleased Sobrang Init music video









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