Franco Releases Throwback Frank EP

Franco Reyes is back with a brand new CD for all you Suspitsados out there!

After a blistering eight weeks in Tower of Doom studios, Franco and his new band has put together a brand new CD for fans from then and now.

The Frank EP features six songs from Franco's earlier days re-recorded and produced by the new line-up. The album features old hits like Spin and Fall, Manipulator, Stupid Me and more.

For newer fans, these songs may seem like brand new songs all their own but these were actually released way back during Franco's earlier days in the Frank band, a group well-known by Cebuano music fans of yesteryear.

The Frank EP is also officially the first release that features the group's current line up (Franco Reyes, Poldo Cañada, Dave Delfin and Victor Guison) in full force on record.

As of this writing, the Frank EP has launched with a series of bar gigs in Singapore and in the Philippines. The EP should also be available in all your favorite digital outlets and most record bars nationwide--right in time for the holidays.

Make sure to grab a copy of the Frank EP! Copies have been selling out quite quickly at the events but more are on the way... check out Franco's official Facebook page for more news and updates about the band.

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