Dark Crayola

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Dark Crayola are a Heavy Metal band from Quezon City. The band members originally hailed from Kasintalim and renamed themselves Dark Crayola in 2010.

Album and Songlist

1.Race With Destiny

2.Transcendence I – Sacred Unison

Ascent of Aquarius Demo (2011)

1.Ascent of Aquarius

[Untitled] LP (2015)

LP 2015

1.Transcendence II – The Universe Within

2.A Brother’s Betrayal

3.Race With Destiny

4.Ascent of Aquarius

5.Egg Asylum

6.Purpose In Life


History of Dark Crayola

After the dissolution of Kasintalim, singer-guitarist Fidel De Jesus, guitarist Karlo Li, bassist Francis Lim, and drummer JT Abadilla formed Dark Crayola in 2010.

Drummer Abadilla would eventually leave the band due to scheduling conflicts. He was replaced by Christopher “Tope” Domingo.

In 2011 the band released a one-song demo titled Ascent of Aquarius.

In 2014 Dark Crayola recorded and performed “Race With Destiny” on camera for Tower of Doom studio’s Tower Sessions series.

Dark Crayola are currently recording their debut album.


Dark Crayola Music

Dark Crayola play a style of guitar-driven Heavy Metal popular in Europe and North America. Fans of Accept, Running Wild, Stratovarius, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, and Angra will find Dark Crayola right up their alley.

Dark Crayola’s accessible style spans the genres of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, and Progressive Metal.

Band Members

Band Members

Fidel De Jesus

vocals and guitars

Karlo Li

backing vocals and guitars

Francis Lim


Christopher Domingo


Former Member

JT Abadilla


Music Videos and Other Media

Tower Sessions

Race with Destiny



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