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Chicosci (formerly Chico Science; name variations as follows:

Chicoscience/Chicosci/Chicosci/Chico Sci) is a Manila-based rock band in the Philippines. They are currently one of the veteran bands in the local music scene, having been active since 1996. While the band has undergone lineup changes, the band has still maintained a unique identity, even as their sound has evolved across the various albums.Chicosci Album and Songlist

Chicosci Album and Songlist

Revenge Of The Giant Robot (2000)

Revenge Of The Giant Robot (2000)

1. My Sickness

2. Amen

3. Liar

4. Sink or Swim

5. Some Place Nice

6. Dim

7. Soopafly

8. Soy

9. Cold (Subzero)

10. Pimpstyle

11. Lolidus

12. Infect

Method Of Breathing (2002)

Method Of Breathing (2002)

1. Solution Cairo (Nothing is Necessary Anymore)

2. Rolento

3. Glass is Broken

4. Paris

5. Anything For Two

6. Most Precious and Hopeless

7. The Dance of Ones and Zeros

8. The Sound and Taste of Tears Falling Upon Your Chest

9. Drift / The Ugly Side of Things

10. Colonized

11. A Habit of Rest Brings Nothing

12. Quail

Icarus (2004)

Icarus (2004)

1.Theme from Conversations with Fire

2.Open Casket Romance

3.Gift of Tongues

4.When Flight is Denied

5.Shallow Graves

6.An Argument

7.Lavender Marriage


9.The Strange Case of the Velvet Murders

10.In Response: A Senseless Act of Beauty

11.In Arms

12.To Cleanse

Chicosci (2006)

Chicosci (2006)

1. A Promise

2. Chicosci Vampire Social Club

3. Seven Black Roses

4. Sweet Maria

5. The Devil Made Me Do It

6. Knives

7. Manila Teenage Death Squad

8. You're Killing Me

9. Last Look

10. Matinee

11. Pink Hearts, Yellow Stars (Harlequin Lover)

12. January Days

*Repackaged CD release contained the following:​

13.A Promise (Quiet)

14.7 Black Roses (To Sleep)

15.Chicosci Vampire Social Club (The Graduation)

Best (2007)

Best (2007)

1.Sink or Swim



4.Glass is Broken




8.My Sickness

9.Anything for Two

10.Drift / The Ugly side of things



13.Cold (Subzero)

Fly Black Hearts (2009)

Fly Black Hearts (2009)

1. Greer

2. Off With Her Head

3. Stop Biting

4. What's Your Poison

5. Red Lips

6. Breathe Again

7. I Am The Snake

8. Just My Luck

9. Horns Up, Still Fly

10. Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load)

11. Who Were You Kissing Last Night

12. You Got Your Wings, Traitor!

13. Smiles and High Fives

This Is Not A Chicosci Record (2012)

This Is Not A Chicosci Record (2012)

1. This Is Not An Intro

2. Shquickx (Drive On!)

3. Stealing Kisses

4. Raspberry: Girl

5. Old Love/New Love

6. Fire Away

7. Start A Fire

8. Sleep Station

9. Where The Light Shines Brightest

10. Every Mourning

11. nOPM (Send Help)

12. Crocodile Scars

13. Alexandra

14. Kapitan

15. Secret Weapons​


history of Chicosci

Chicosci had its first iteration as Shiznit, and was composed primarily of Miguel Chavez, Miguel Alcaraz, Jan Kevin Santos (+), Joel Salvador, and Carlos Calderon. Some sources have different data, but it is generally agreed upon that the band, in one form or another, was active by 1996 within the Ateneo de Manila campus and community.

Chicoscience: Revenge of the Giant Robot

Early on, they had changed their name to Chicoscience, referring to a Brazilian musician who combined hip-hop with local music elements (Chicoscience - Francisco de Assis França – died in 1997 in a car accident). Sonny Baquisal and Eugene Esquivias came on board as guitarist and percussionist, respectively, tightening live performances and the songwriting process. After winning an inter-school band contest (sometimes termed as “battle of the bands”), they used the money they won to record a demo, which, with the support of EMI executives Bob Guzman, Larry Chua, and Darrell James Laxamana, snagged them a two-album contract under EMI.The first album, Revenge of the Giant Robot, was seen as a forerunner of the incoming generation of younger bands at the turn of the millennium in the Philippine rock scene. The album spawned three singles, with one of them, “Sink or Swim,” also having an MTV-aired music video.

Chicosci: Method of Breathing onward

They eventually changed their name to Chicosci (Chicosci), to differentiate themselves from the Brazilian artist, in time for the release of their second album, Method of Breathing. Former Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan helped them put the album together, resulting in a more melodic style. While the album spawned the same number of singles (three) as the Revenge album, it also had the song “Paris,” which holds the record for staying in the NU107 Midnight Countdown. The song stayed in the charts for more than 52 weeks, and became the Song of the Year at the 2002 NU107 Rock Awards.

their journey

Chicosci eventually moved to another label, Viva Records, for their third album, Icarus. This time around, Raimund Marasigan brought in fellow former Eraserhead Buddy Zabala to produce what some have termed as their most experimental album. Even though the album was seen as more experimental, this did not prevent it from becoming a successful one. Chicosci would, in May 2004, be the first MTV Lokal Artist, partly on the strength of the Icarus album. Songs from the said album would also go into that year’s NU107 Midnight and Year-End Countdowns.

Chicosci, the album, and a new direction

The self-named Chicosci album is unique in that it displayed a wider sonic palette (and was largely self-produced). This album had catchier melodic songwriting, combined with more keyboard elements from Mong Alcaraz, and less screaming vocal parts for singer Miggy Chavez. The album would have four singles, with the song “Chicosci Vampire Social Club” also winning them the Favorite Rock Video award in the 2008 Myx Music Awards.It was also at this time that the band started to play overseas, with performances in Malaysia and Singapore. Locally, the band also started playing more venues where they could reach different crowds, such as local hotspot bars like Saguijo.

Fly Black Hearts, released in 2009, would see them moving further in into popular music, with the identifying single being “Diamond Shotgun.” In 2012, they released This Is Not A Chicosci Record, which had “Stealing Kisses” and “Raspberry: Girl” as singles.

Chicosci has also gained ground in the local global region, playing in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. They are also a popular choice as an opening act for foreign bands in the Philippines, having opened for Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Thursday, Glassjaw, Cobra Starship, Dashboard Confessional, and The Used.

The band continues to have a busy schedule of performances. They are preparing to go back into the studio


Chicosci's Music

Chicosci’s musical style, while firmly rooted in rock music, has always leaned toward alternative and heavier rock influences. In the beginning, they were loosely put under the style of nu metal or rap metal. This was bolstered by the fact that their very band name is taken from the name of a Brazilian singer known for fusing hip-hop music with local musical styles. In an interview with Quark Henares, who used to manage the band, he recalls that the band did cover material from the band 311.

​However, starting with Method of Breathing, Chicosci would start moving away from those musical genres, becoming heavily influenced by post hardcore and emo influences. Later albums would see them evolve into a sound that could be put more in the alternative rock space.


Chicosci is known for some specific cover songs, such as “Unbelievable,” from EMF. Another famous cover song would be their first song recorded in the Filipino language as well, “Magasin.” Given that Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala had worked with them before, it is no surprise that they would record an Eraser heads song – in this case, one of the most popular songs from that band.

Band Members

Band Members of Chicosci

Miguel “Miggy” Chavez – Vocals

Miggy is one of the founding members of the band. He is also active as the vocalist of rock band Sex Academy. He is formerly one of the vocalists of defunct dance-punk band If Disco Is A Crime.

Miguel “Mong” Alcaraz – Guitars

Mong is a founding member of the band. He is also a member of veteran rock band Sandwich, joining the band after Marc Abaya left. He also has a defunct musical project, The Bitter Pill. He has shown interest in DJ pursuits, finding time to work with Squid 9 (Raimund Marasigan, fellow Sandwich band member and former ChicoSci producer), and Axl Prose (Rogel Africa, vocalist of Valley of Chrome).

Carlos “Calde” Calderon – Bass

Calde rounds out the remaining founding members of the band still active in it. He is also the bassist for the rock band Save Me Hollywood. He was also part of the Project 1 concept band for the Coke “Angel” Campaign.

Ariel Lumanlan – Guitars

Ariel Lumanlan is the newest member in the active band. He currently juggles guitar duties between Arcadia, At Times Provoked, and ChicoSci.

Mark “Macoy” Estacio - Drums

Macoy was originally from the metalcore band April Morning Skies, before replacing Joel Salvador as ChicoSci’s drummer. It should be noted that both new members, Ariel and Macoy, come from bands that are in the Tower of Doom’s roster.

Former Members

Eugene “Yug” Esquivias – Percussions (2000-2007)

Yug is one of the second-wave band members, joining in 2000 along the same time as Sonny Baquisal. He eventually left the band in 2007, migrating with his family to Canada. He is also the older brother of Jack Esquivias, of the defunct funk-rock band Whatevuritakes. His position in the band as percussionist was never filled.

Sonny Baquisal – Guitars (2000-2007)

Sonny joined the band in 2000, and was there for the release of Revenge. However, like Yug, he left the band in 2007 to migrate out of the country (in Sonny’s case, Italy). He was replaced by Ariel Lumanlan.

Joel Salvador – Drums (1996-2008)

Replaced by Macoy Estacio in 2008, Joel also left the country, in a manner of speaking, as he pursued work opportunities abroad. He still plays with the band whenever he is in the country, the latest during the 2014 Christmas holiday season.

Jan Kevin Santos – Vocals (1996)

Jan was the first founding band member to leave, and resurfaced in Santos Syndicate. He is currently deceased.

Awards and Recognition

Inter-School Battle of the Bands 1996


NU107 Rock Awards 2001

Winner Best Designed Album Cover

Winner Male of the Year (Mong Alcaraz)

MYX Pilipinas Music Awards 2001

Winner Best Director (Lyle Sacris, “Sink or Swim”)

NU107 Rock Awards 2002

Winner Guitarist of the Year (Mong Alcaraz and Sonny Baquisal)

Winner Song of the Year (“Paris”)

Winner Best Produced Album (Method of Breathing)

NU107 Rock Awards 2006

Winner Guitarist of the Year (Mong Alcaraz)

Winner Best Male Rock Icon (Mong Alcaraz)

MTV Asia 2008

Winner Favorite Artist of the Philippines

Myx Music Awards 2008

Winner Favorite Rock Music Video ("ChicoSci Vampire Social Club")

Junksounds Awards 2008

Winner Most Popular Band

Banda Magazine Awards 2008

Winner Band of the Year

NU107 Rock Awards 2009

Winner Listener’s Choice Award

Myx Music Awards 2010

Winner Favorite Rock Video (“Diamond Shotgun”)

Awit Awards 2010

Winner Best Video (“Diamond Shotgun”)

Myx Music Awards 2012

Winner Best/Favorite Remake (“Unbelievable”)

Music Videos and Other Media

Tower Sessions

Stop BitingRed Lips

Red Lips

Raspberry: Girl

Fire Away

Glass is Broken

Official Music Videos​

Revenge of the Giant Robot

Sink or Swim

Method of Breathing



Shallow Graves


A Promise

Chicosci Vampire Social Club

7 Black Roses

Last Look

Fly Black Hearts

What's Your Poison

Breathe Again

Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load)

90's Music Comes Alive


This Is Not A Chicosci Record

Sleep Station (Lyric Video)

Stealing Kisses

Raspberry: Girl

Colgate Fresh Confidence Project

Iyong Araw


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