Chicosci Pulls of the Heist of a Lifetime in Their New Music Video Revalation! Watch It Now!

All of us here at Tower of Doom have been super excited to release this little gem we've been working on for the past few months, and the day has finally come! With no further ado, check out Chicosci's BRAND NEW SINGLE AND MUSIC VIDEO - "Revalation!"

Chicosci's first release under the Tower of Doom Music label was last year's "Buzzin'" which came out both as a single and as a music video that was directed by Kevin Mayuga. Following that release, the band hopped back in the studio and got to work on finishing their next single - "Revalation!" For the female vocal sample, the band tapped the one and only BP Valenzuela to lay in some vocal tracks at the studio. This time around however, the band wanted to do something a bit different than a straight up performance video, and they tapped Mayuga again to come up with a more narrative approach.

Tower of Doom worked closely with the band and production team for a few months to put the video together, and after a few weeks of editing here in the studio, the video is finally ready to be shared. To launch the video, we had a special episode of Tower Radio which featured a long live performance from Chicosci, where they got to play favorites and b-sides from their entire discography. Of course, as with all episodes of Tower Radio, that ended with a funny interview and an awesome drinking game, so click here if you'd like to see that episode in its entirety.

"Revalation!" is now up on Spotify and all your other favorite music stores so be sure to download or stream it right away! And yes, we know that it's usually spelled "revelation" but our version uses an A and an exclamation point since it's more awesome! Deal with it.

For those of you Chicofans our there who want to cover or sing along with the new single, be sure to check out our official Tower of Doom Music lyric video below!

And if you're loving the new music Chicosci's been putting out, show some love and grab one of their shirts now! We've got a few in the store, including the "Buzzin'" shirt, the "Storm" shirt, and of course, the BRAND NEW "Revalation!" shirt! Check em out below and grab yours today!

Chicosci's got more awesome stuff in the pipeline, so be sure to like and follow their official Facebook page to you can get the latest news straight from the band!

Revalation! Lyrics:

When i wake up in the morning
I say a prayer for the silent ones
And for my deathless heart
May you never slip away
It’s the flame you can’t control
It’s the vibe you can’t let go
It makes you move
It’s in the mind
The heart
The soul
When it hits you feel no pain
Move to the rhythm
It’s all for us
So we can just dive right in
Doused in holy water
We’re on the floor for the initiation
And for the jealous heart
May you never kill the faith
Hear the lines you won’t forget
Let the songs into your head
It makes you move
We’re digging the graves
Cause it’s a better revolution
Here comes the noise
Now everybody go
Get up
Cause it’s the new pollution
How about we shake up the world
Start a war tonight, begin
You know what they say
It’s easier, so just dive right in

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