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Boy Elroy is a punk rock band that was active, by its own account, in the period of 2002-2011. The band does not consider itself new- or old-school punk exclusively.

Boy Elroy Album and Songlist

The Boy Elroy EP (2002)

1. All Right

2. Diego's Blues

3. Over You

4. Post-It

5. Sleep It Off

6. Timex

A Better Place (2005)

2005 Album

1. Conversations

2. Just Like Yesterday

3. Eksena

4. Stuck

5. A Better Place

6. Count Me Out

7. Idiot Card

8. Wan Tawsan?

9. Ewan Ko (song originally recorded by the band Tungaw)

10. Out Of Control

11. Someday

12. Sympathy

13. More Than Meets The Eye

Robot Apocalypse (2010)

2010 album

1. Struggling To Breathe

2. Just A Desperate Call For Attention

3. Automatic

4. Down For The Count

5. Not This Time

6. Pictures On The Wall

7. Long Gone and Out

8. Nowhere Fast

9. Selective Amnesia

10. Step Back, Relax and Do It All Again

11. Headlines

12. Robot Apocalypse


history of boy elroy

The origins of the band go back to the high school days of two of the bands members, Conrad and JT. However, the band only really came together in college, when the two founding members recruited Gino and Darren on guitars, with original bass guitarist Francis Pena.

The band became known as one of the more popular bands in the local scene, frequenting venues such as KAFE in Katipunan, where other influential bands such as Chicosci, Cog, Plane Divides the Sky, and Sponge Cola performed.

The band was able to quickly come up with their first EP, recorded in the then-new Tower of Doom studios. One song from the EP, "All Right," received airplay from NU107 (107.5 on the FM dial). Other tracks in the EP, such as "Timex," "Over you," and "Post-It" became crowd favorites in their live performances.

However, the band's lineup would have important changes by early 2004, with Francis Pena leaving the band to prioritize some private concerns. He was replaced by Fil Viernes. In 2005, after finishing the recording of Better Place, Darren de Jesus would leave the band to pursue his studies in law. Joey Santos would fill up the vacum in the guitarist's position.

The band continued to actively pursue gigs, joining in both of the Tower of Doom Siege Tours, aside from pursuing their own gigs seaprate of the Tower of Doom activities.

gigs of boy elroy

However, as the band members became more busy with their other musical projects and their own work and personal lives, the band began to wind down. The band itself considers 2011 as the end of the band's active lifetime.

By 2014, Gino Rosales had to go back to Cebu, and his despedida party had Boy Elroy onstage again. That was seen as the swan song performance of the band.

To date, various members of the band are still active in the music scene. Conrad Javier still plays the bass guitar for Plane Divides The Sky, and is active as a guitarist and vocalist for the Butchercons while also regularly playing or sessioning for other bands in the local music scene. Joey Santos is now identified as a DJ and as a member of the band Halik ni Gringo. JT Flameno is a member of the Royal (Gino was, also, before he left for Cebu).


Boy Elroy Music

Boy Elroy's music is considered as punk rock, though they do not strictly identify themselves as old-school or new. By their own admission, they are influenced by bands like Rancid, Mest, The Clash, Descendants, Operation Ivy, Sex Pistols, Kid Dynamite, The Ramones, Muse, and other similar bands.

Band Members

Conrad Javier

Conrad Javier - Vocals

Conrad Javier is also known for being the bassist of seminal Tower of Doom band Plane Divides The Sky. He is currently one of the guitarists and vocalists for indie alternative rock band the Butchercons.

One of his more curious recordings is a rap verse laid down as a member of the Katipunan All-Stars, for Lil Miao's "Katipunan" track, from the Katipunera EP.

Gino Rosales

Gino Rosales - Guitars, Vocals

Before joining Boy Elroy, Gino Rosales was already a veteran of the Cebu music scene, being a member of bands such as Slinky and Blind man's Bluff. He would later on become a member of The Royal, who would be the first band to be featured in Tower of Doom's Tower Sessions. Now based in Cebu, Gino plays with his new band Shuffled.

Joey Santos

Joey Santos - Guitars, Vocals

Fil Viernes

Before Joey Santos joined Boy Elroy, he was a member of the band Hopskotch. He is now an electronica DJ. He is also the frontman, vocalist, and a guitarist for the band Halik ni Gringo, a band that is equal parts punk, pop, indie and alternative. The band is known for a frenetic and intentionally outrageous performances.

Fil Viernes - Bass

Fil Viernes was already a seasoned bassist by the time he stepped in to fill the bass duties for the band, having been a member of Witchtree Symbol and Wildmood Swings.

JT Flameno

JT Flameno - Drums

JT Flameno is another veteranin the music scene, having been a vocalist for the band Thirteen Needles. He later became the drummer of The Royal, where fellow Elroy guitarist was also a member.

Former Members

Francis Pena

Francis Pena left the band for personal reasons in January of 2004. He is now a biking enthusiast.

Darren De Jesus

Darren was a member of the band Ziplok before he joined Boy Elroy. He left the band shortly after the recording for A Better Place wrapped up, to pursue studies in law.

Music Videos and Other Media

Tower Sessions

Boy Elroy has not had the chance to be included in the Tower Sessions. However, two bandmates, Gino Rosales and JT Flameno, are featured in the first Tower Sessions video, as members of the Royal.

The Airport Song - The Royal

Official Music Videos​

A Better Place

Out of Control

Robot Apocalypse

Step Back, Relax and Do It All Again (Feat Los Magno)

Down For The Count


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