Bloodshedd – Honor The Ancients


In celebration of Bloodshedd's 20th year anniversary, Tower of Doom will be releasing a new track from the band's unreleased 3rd album, Honor The Ancients every week for the next two months! Check back here every Friday during the release period and listen to an unreleased studio track every single week.

This week we feature another brand new song from the band's latest release #honortheancients entitled, Sa Silid Ng Pagninilay. Check it out below:​

Due to internal issues, Bloodshedd and Tower of Doom had reached an impasse during the production cycle of Honor The Ancients all the way back in 2012. Though the album had already been completed, the band and the label eventually parted ways and the lack of resolution between both parties delayed the release further and further.

Fortunately, the band and Tower of Doom were finally able to put these differences aside in early 2016 and have thus decided to release the music in celebration of #20yearsofbloodshedd.

We're all very excited to finally let Honor The Ancients out for all of you extreme metal lovers out there... ENJOY!

At the end of the campaign, we will be making each and every track accessible through Tower of Doom Music, which means you can get your music any way you want it, whether through iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more! So be sure to follow this page and don't miss out on this amazing new album fresh from Bloodshedd and Tower of Doom!​

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Bloodshedd - Honor The Ancients (Previously Released Tracks) #honortheancients

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