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Arcadia is a new school hardcore or metalcore band, depending on which source is being quoted. They are known for having a unique aggressive sound combined with a very lively unified stage presence when performing.

Arcadia Album and Songlist

Parallels (2011)

2011 Album

1. Path Of Clarity (Intro)

2. Faceless Hope

3. Boazania

4. Heartless Murder

5. Oceans And Us

6. A Broken Portrait

7. Fall For Nothing

8. Blood From Ashes

9. Dead Venus

10. Travis

11. Under This Flag

12. Leveler (Outro)


1. Hold Your Ground


Arcadia History

Arcadia is a later incarnation of Fallen Oppression, a band formed in 2007 by guitarists Ariel Lumanlan, Bjorn Santos, and (bass guitarist) Jeff Cabudoy. All were underground scene veterans, who had decided to band together and write songs for a unified band. They were also able to recruit Leo Maglalang as a vocalist.

However, both Leo and Bjorn had to leave for other countries – Leo to pursue musical studies in the USA, and Bjorn to settle citizenship concerns in Australia. This put the band in hiatus until the summer of 2008, when they recruited new vocalist Marc Velasquez and drummer Ian de Guzman. Shortly after the lineup was stabilized by Marc and Ian’s inclusion, they changed their name to Arcadia. It was also at around this time that Arcadia was signed by Tower of Doom Records.

Arcadia has since played in the Pulp Summer Slam concert festivals, opened for the likes of Testament, Lamb of God, Death Angel, Hellyeah, Anthrax, Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, and have had, at one point, a joint gig production outfit with fellow Tower of Doom band April Morning Skies known as Moshpit Sundays. In 2011, they released Parallels, their debut album.

Arcadia's lineup has been undergoing changes in recent years beginning with Bjorn's departure to Australia and other members attending to changes in their personal lives. Currently the lineup features Ariel and Ian as the remaining original members, with Enrie Estevez on vocals, Keith Francisco on bass, and Rommel Enriquez on guitar.


Music of Arcadia

Arcadia’s music is considered a mix of technical metal riffs and breakdown arrangements that are based on both new-school and old-school hardcore. In fact, some people see them as metalcore in style, even though the band upholds their hardcore roots.

Band Members

Band Members of Arcadia

Enrie Estevez - Vocals

Enrie is Arcadia's new vocalist, and replaced Mark Velasquez, who left to attend to personal matters.

Ariel Lumanlan - Guitars

Ariel Lumanlan is one of the founding members of Fallen Oppression/Arcadia, and is a member of the bands ChicoSci, At Times Provoked, Til Kingdom Come, and Bill the Butcher.

Rommel Enriquez - Guitars

Rommel came in to replace Justin Salaveria, who took over guitarist duties when Bjorn migrated to Australia. Rommel also plays for the bands Nuclear Punishment and Half the Battle.

Keith Francisco - Bass

Keith took over bass duties from the founding bassist Jeff Cabudoy, after he left to attend to personal matters. Keith is also the vocalist for the band Against the Sky.

Ian De Guzman - Drums

Ian came in along with Marc as the second wave of band members. Their inclusion in the band would mark the shift in name from Fallen Oppression to Arcadia.

Former Members

Bjorn Santos - Guitars

Bjorn was one of the founding members of Fallen Oppression/Arcadia. He had citizenship concerns in Australia, so he had to go there to settle them. This event, combined with vocalist Leo Maglalang’s studies in the United States of America, triggered the hiatus of Fallen Oppression. He eventually returned, but also left the band later on. He is known for playing guitar for veteran band Slapshock, and now has a new band based in Australia, Vanity Riots.

Leo Maglalang - Vocals

Leo was one of the vocalists for Dreign (where Jeff Cabudoy was the bass guitarist), before joining up in Fallen Oppression. Eventually, though, he continued his studies in Los Angeles, in the United States.

Mark Velasquez - Vocals

Jeff Cabudoy - Bass

Justin Salaveria - Guitars

Carlo Monasterio - Bass

Music Videos and Other Media

Tower Sessions


Official Music Videos​


A Broken Portrait

Under This Flag

Heartless Murder (Lyric Video)

Hold Your Ground


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