Arcadia – Threshold

What better way to end the day than with a BRAND NEW TRACK from Arcadia! Today marks the official release of the studio version of the band's single "Threshold." Check it out below!


Arcadia has been clocking in some serious time right here in Tower of Doom Studios for the past year or so, getting a ton of new music together and we can't wait for you all to hear these new songs! The band is coming out strong with their latest lineup that sees original members Ariel Lumanlan (guitars) and Ian de Guzman (drums) joined with new members Enrie Estevez (vocals), Rommel Enriquez (guitars), and Keith Francisco (bass). 

Hardcore fans first got a sneak peek of this song when we debuted their live version on Arcadia's Evil Genius Roadkill Tour episode. However, this album version has a bit of a different take, so be sure to check out both and let us know which version you guys like more!

Arcadia's got a killer amount of great songs ready for release in the coming months, so be sure to follow their official Facebook page and subscribe to the Tower of Doom Music channel so you get the latest notifications as each release drops!

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