UPDATED 07-07-16: April Morning Skies – Worth Its Weight In Gold

It's that time of the week again for another great April Morning Skies track! It's time to REJOICE because it's #AMSThursdays!

We will be releasing a new track from AMS' brand new album Worth Its Weight In Gold every week for the next two months! Check us out every Thursday and sink your teeth into a brand new song from the band each and every week.

This week we feature a brand new track Sail a Sinking Ship, also from the band's latest release #worthitsweightingold. 

Check it out​ below:

The band experienced some major roadblocks throughout the project and eventually underwent a lineup change which introduced new members drummer Lester Faraon and vocalist Rodrigo Ybañez. After a lengthy hiatus, they proceeded to work with the new members and began to write and RE-record a full album worth of new music.

The music is finally complete and ready to be released and we want to make sure every AMS fan out there gets a chance to hear it! Needless to say, everyone here at Tower of Doom is stoked to finally get this album out.

At the end of the campaign, we will be making each and every track accessible through Tower of Doom Music, which means you can get your music any way you want it, whether through iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more! So be sure to follow this page and don't miss out on this amazing new album fresh from April Morning Skies and Tower of Doom!


Previously Released #AMSThursdays Tracks

05-19-16 - Name Written In Blood featuring Marc Velasquez (previously from Arcadia)

05-26-16 - We The Catalyst

06-02-16 - Yurushi

06-09-16 - Chasing Rogues

06-16-16 - Dissolve/Defiance (Feat Emil Lempin Jr. of Soul Incinerator)

06-23-16 - Laid To Waste (Feat Neil DC & Conrad Javier of The Butchercons)

06-30-16 - The Passing

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